Friends of ASI

A platform for positive and constructive discussion on ways of looking at history, architecture, archaeology, and conservation


What will a group such as Friends of ASI do?
  • Act as a bridge between ASI and civil society to transmit mutual concerns as a prelude to appropriate solutions;
  • Establish awareness and induce local individuals and groups to protect and conserve;
  • Help bring out the strengths of ASI anchored to their core objectives for the benefit of the public at large and for future generations of this country;
 How does the Friends of ASI propose to function?
  • By providing opportunities for positive and constructive discussion between different stakeholders;
  • By disseminating information through well-researched and presented field-guides to different historic sites brought out by ASI or other Friends;
  • By providing a common meeting ground and a node for groups/individuals/organisations working on issues of heritage and conservation;
  • By raising awareness about ASI’s activities through reprinting/editing/giving links to published accounts of landmark excavations and research by ASI.
Who can be  a Friend of the ASI? 
  • Membership is free and open to anyone who is in agreement with the objectives of the group and willing to work towards achieving these.
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