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Petition for Reactivation of Water Body at Mahipalpur

  ———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Colonel Devinder Sehrawat <>
Date: 3 July 2012 14:00
Subject: Reactivation of Ancient Water Body at Mahipalpur and preservation of ASI protectected monument – Mahal in the vill
To:,,, Sowmiya Ashok <>

Dear Mr Sohail,
Am attaching copy of petition forwarded my me to the Chairman Public Grievance Commission, Govt of NCT, regarding reactivation of the ancient water body at Mahipalpur along with pictures of the Hauz before and now while the road widening and removal of earth is being carried out along the wall of the water body.
It would be an opportune moment for the ASI to repair and Carry out preservation of this structure all along the road leading to the NH 8 and the Airport.
I am also attaching picture of a ASI protected monument located in the middle of the village, it was called the Mahal and it is in bad shape however worse is in store as the Local MLA plans to get a concrete community hall constructed by pulling down this structure.
Will request you involvement in the matter.
Best Wishes
Col Devinder Sehrawat
Copy of Petition

Public Grievances Commission
Govt. of NCT of Delhi,
M-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I. P. Estate,

 New Delhi-110110



A dam and linked structures built by Ferozshah Tughlaq in Village Mahipalpur, South-West Delhi near Vasant Kunj with 14th century bundh along the eastern periphery of Mahipalpur village near Vasant Kunj.has been encroached by construction of CISF accommodation.


All the original routes that drained off rain water have either been sealed or blocked. New construction has taken place along the eastern and southern periphery of the village, which has blocked the original route for draining out rain water. As a result, the rain water floods houses in village Mahipalpur, Mahipalpur Mehrauli Road and NH-8 disrupting traffic with three-feet deepwater  on the roads.

Delhi government has ignored pleas to protect one of the oldest water management structures in the Capital. When the Delhi Development Authority proposed a housing scheme in the area, the government didn’t oppose it, despite an appeal by 600 families from Mahipalpur citing damage to the water system due to unplanned construction.

The Delhi Flood Control department has also raised concern about damage to the 10-feet high wall of the water storage dam which is listed in the zonal plan of Zone F as a protected monument ( Reference Number IV/108 as per volumes of Zafar Hassan and 11 F-105 as per INTACH). Conservationists say that the bundh is a living heritage and canalizes surplus water into collection points which are now being filled up.

The water structure, comprising a dam and ponds, was laid on the ridge by Tughlaq in the 14th century. It is urgent to preserve it and learn from it rather than to destroy it by neglect and encroachment. Few years back, Head of the department of conservation architecture, School of Planning and Architecture Nalini Thakur had also registered a complaint with the police and  the Irrigation and Flood Control Department. As per Delhi government’s Irrigation and Flood Control Department breach in the bundh is the cause for flooding of the Mahipalpur village,lying downstream, as well as the National Highway and the road leading to the airport. The water table in the region has also been affected by the encroachment on the ancient water body.


In view of the above DDA and Delhi Government be kindly directed to to recreate the water body and develop it suitably as per the lay of the ground, protect the heritage and environment of the area as well as to provide basic amenity of a open green space to over 30 Thousand residents of the region.


Thanking You


Col Devinder Sehrawat (Retd)




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