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Site Visit – Begumpur Masjid / 21 May 2012

Site Visit – Begumpur Masjid
21 May 2012, 5.30 -7.00 pm
Meeting point: Begumpur Mosque
Directions:The best entry is to turn left after Mother’s School and follow that road right till its end it will keep on becoming progressively narrow you will reach a point when a lane branches off sharply to the left. If in a vehicle find a place to park  here somewhere and begin to walk continue on the main road , you will enter begumpur village, the mosque will appear on your left continue walking and you will reach the main gate. Climb the steps and walk in. No need to take off your shoes.
Issues on the agenda:
  • Ways to ensure cleanliness, health and safety issues, in the short-and long-term;
  • Interact with local stake-holders, residents, ASI;
  • Discuss how to extend ongoing civil-society initiatives, such as Mother’s International School Begumpur Project;
  • Understand and appreciate how best to conserve the particular importance of Begumpur Masjid.
Highlight: All members to help in cleaning debris at site!


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